Out of the House Round-Up: “Mr. Mom”, Man-Shopping & More


All this staying-at-home has made me a little stir crazy. Let’s take a look around the internets, shall we?

Should the term “Mr. Mom” Go the Way of Martin Mull’s Movie Career?

This was a bit of a surprise: So it seems a lot of my fellow stay-at-home fathers don’t like the title “Mr. Mom”. There’s a campaign to banish the term “officially” and this year’s At-Home Dad’s Convention tried to bury it on the grounds that it’s emasculating. They basically want to just be called “Dad”.

I think that’s fair enough. It makes sense. But I’ve never personally found it to be offensive either. I don’t think anyone has actually called me a “Mr. Mom” to my face, but if someone did I doubt it would bother me. Maybe it’s because I’m new to the at-home game, or perhaps it’s my fondness for Michael Keaton’s acting portfolio, but it just doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me. Then again…

Ask me again in a year. [Southtown Star]

Man-Shopping is on the Rise!

Barbie construction sets? Yup! And all thanks to the increasing numbers of male shoppers. Personally, I don’t know any of them, but thanks to increasing numbers of stay-at-home fathers and two-income households, men are finding themselves in our nation’s shopping malls and big box stores more and more these days. And since the retailers that we buy from know every single move that we make, they’re catering their products and stores to this new demographic post haste. Hence…Barbie construction sets, Lego sets for girls—whatever that means—and, hopefully…

My Little Ponies with tattoos, jetpacks and flamethrowers!

Just sayin’. [NY Times]

So I’m Not the Only Cardboard Carpenter Around Here, Eh?

I’ve blogged about the parental benefits of cardboard both here and here. But when I built Audrey’s cardboard house, I failed to engineer it in a way so as to store it when not in use. As a result it’s in the same place it’s always been, right in the middle of the living room. I am proud of the fact that it’s withstood a lot of damage—clearly I built it strong enough—but because it can’t be folded up, it’s started to show some signs of degradation. Audrey’s been peeling at the tape and she’s more than aware that the roof comes off with ease. As you can see:

Audrey Box

So it would seem that when tasked with building a cardboard house, do you build it strong so it can become a permanent joy for the child and an obstacle for you? Or do you build it flimsy so it can be put away?

The choices we must make in life. [Pinterest]


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