Strange Exchanges with Audrey: Hugging Mr. Golden Sun


Audrey is saying a lot of wacky stuff lately.  Perplexing stuff that can only spring forth from the mind of a 2-year-old.  But I’m not the only one affected.  No, this time it happened to Momma.

She was changing Audrey’s diaper first thing in the morning when Audrey asked her to sing a song.  She wasn’t sure which song to sing but she heard Audrey say the word “sun,” so she sang “Mr. Golden Sun”.  Several times.  Once completed, the following bit of bizarreness took place:

AUDREY:  “Let’s go find Mr. Sun.”

MOMMA:  “Okay, I’ll open the curtains and we can look outside.”

AUDREY:  “He needs a hug.”

MOMMA:  “Why does he need a hug?  Is he sad?”

AUDREY:  (very seriously) “He need to have hands.  Audrey need to give him a hug.”



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