Out of the House Round-Up: Hooking Up the Ladies, Unbridled Sarcasm & Hacking Parent-Style


All this staying-at-home has made me a little stir crazy. Let’s take a look around the internets, shall we?

At-Home Dads Opening Doors for Women?  It’s True!

Ever since the day I set fire to my cubicle and joined the not terribly sizable ranks of at-home fathers I have taken over a great deal of jobs around the house historically performed by my wife.  Cleaning!  Dinner!  Brushing the cat’s butt!  All of them are enjoyable to be sure, but also quite liberating for my wife.  The article “The ‘stay-at-home dads’ reinventing careers for women” explores the opportunities granted to women whose husbands have taken to the home, and suggests that perhaps this newfound liberation from cat-butt-brushing leads to increased success in the workplace.

Is this true?  It’s hard for me to be sure.  After all, I’ve only been at home for a few months now.  But it makes a certain amount of sense.  And knowing how committed my wife is to her job, well…a little extra time for her to push onward and upward can only be a good thing.  Reach for the stars, Honey!  I’m here for ya.  Holding down the fort.

[Womens Agenda]

Oh Sure, Like Sarcasm is a Good Idea

Us at-home fathers get a lot of stupid questions.  I’ve written about this phenomenon before.  But while we want to snap at innocent-minded folks who assume a father must be “babysitting” his child, we don’t.  That’s because we’re NICE.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t think nasty thoughts from time to time.  “Stay-At-Home Dad has answers for all those stupid questions” deals directly with this unfortunate side of paternal parenting with the most powerful weapon of all:  sarcasm!  The replies found here are the things us dads are thinking–but not saying–when dealing with people who can’t come to grips with the concept of a man watching his children full-time.

And you assumed all we thought about was sex.  Pfft!

[Southtown Star]

A Laundry Basket in the Tub?  What Will the Internet Think of Next?

If there’s one thing the internet likes more than cats, it’s lifehacking.  No.  Wait.  Scratch that.  Nothing is more popular than cats.  But hacks come in at a close second!  “36 Little Hacks That Will Make Parenting So Much Easier” is a fun little ditty that is equal parts awesomely helpful and absurdly stupid.  Like beautifying girls’ hair with zip ties!

Oh, dads.



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