Let’s Play ‘Try to Find My Daughter’


Audrey likes to hide.

For instance, she’s hiding in the above picture. I’ll give you a second to try and find her. Need some help? Well, here’s a hint: that closet door isn’t usually open.

Yeah, my little girl’s really not that hard to find–especially in person considering she’s always giggling, singing, and announcing that she is, in fact, hiding. Sadly, like many of us in this crazy thing called Life, she’s passionate about something she’s actually pretty terrible at. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all play a game I spend many hours a day enjoying. I call it: Try to Find My Daughter.

And let me warn you–it’s gets a LOT tougher from here.

Challenge #1: The Couch–Part One


This one’s a toughie, I know. But take a moment and really focus on the photo. Try to look for something out of place… Like, I dunno, the crown of a toddler’s fuzzy head, a few stubby fingers desperately clutching a giant couch cushion, and–you may have to squint to find this one–a pair of pale white bare feet.

Found her yet? Good job! You’ve earned a well-deserved point.

Challenge #2: The Couch–Part Two


Not content to rest on her couch-hiding laurels, Audrey here has employed a different, and decidedly unique technique with which to fool you. Can’t find her? Don’t you know that if you can’t see those who are searching for you…

They can’t see you either? You clearly have much to discover.

Award yourself another point if you managed to be privy to this piece of high level information.

Challenge #3: The Big Girl Bed


Audrey hasn’t yet worked up the courage to sleep in her new “Big Girl Bed,” but she does realize its innate ability to camouflage the human form–especially when pillows are involved. Now, if you were detail-oriented enough to earn a point on the first challenge, you may have an upper leg on finding her in this one. For the rest of you, here’s a hint:

She’s hiding behind the pillow.

Challenge #4: The Door


My daughter–being of superior brain–has mastered a concept foreign to most of us low folk. And that is the fact that sometimes the best place to disguise yourself is directly in front of what is essentially a blank, featureless slate. In this instance, this blank slate is my bedroom door.

Can’t find her? Told you she was good.

Challenge #5: The Bathroom


Sorry. This one’s too hard. Everyone gets a point.

Challenge #6: Mommy and Daddy’s Bed


There’s either a little girl hiding in my bed or my house is haunted. Since I can’t award any points until we find out, let’s take a peek:


Let me assure you that my hand here is, in fact, trembling. But bravely and boldly I venture forth and…!


Ah! It was my daughter after all. Phew. Points all around!

So at long last we have come to the conclusion of my challenge. If you managed to get five or–dare I say–six points, then you are a world-class bounty hunter, friend! And for those of you that didn’t, remind yourself to keep practicing. You’ll get better. I promise. Anyway, thanks to everyone for playing and, of course, don’t forget to have your pets spayed and neutered.

Goodbye everybody!


One thought on “Let’s Play ‘Try to Find My Daughter’

  1. Ack! why did you post a picture of the nasty old bleached out pillowcase I put on her big girl bed until I can buy a new one!?! What is the internet going to think of our slovenly house!?!?!?

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