Out of the House Round-Up: Getting This Kid to Clean Up, More Toddler Projects & Preparing for Baby

Audrey Sleeping

All this staying-at-home has made me a little stir crazy. Let’s take a look around the internets, shall we?

What the Hell Happened in Here?!?

All it takes is five minutes.  Five measly minutes for my precious 2-year-old to completely dismantle our living room.  She typically starts by going to our giant bin of stuffed animals.  She’ll then proceed to toss them backward over her shoulder one by one–”Get out of here, Snoopy!  Get out of here, Scamp!”–leaving a 360 degree debris field in her wake.  When this task has been completed, she will then traipse on over to her toy bins and do the same, this time with wooden blocks, Matchbox cars, and much more.  Maybe I was going to the bathroom when this happened.  Or making a sandwich.  Doesn’t matter.  All that does matter is that the room gets turned over at an alarming rate, leaving me exasperated at the task of having to clean it all up yet again.

5 Ways to Get Your Kid to Clean Up” is exactly what it sounds like, and something I’m going to put into action right away.  My super smart better half already suggested one of the options on this page–the need to make it a daily routine, before TV time, lunch, dinner, whatever–but the others, while common sense to some degree, are mostly new and easy to implement.  I’ll be getting started on these right away.  Of course, one way to avoid the problem altogether is to just get the kid outside!

But that’s just me.


The Internet is Full of Toddler Activity Ideas, Yet I Still Can’t Come Up With Any on My Own

I’m not the best at coming up with constructive indoor activities for me and my little monster.  That’s more in my wife’s wheelhouse.  Still, after reading “10 Things to Do With a 2 Year Old” I was surprised that I have actually performed a few of these tasks already (painting, playdough and homemade forts).  And threading cut up paper towel rolls onto ribbon, while Momma’s idea, was a playtime activity I shared with Audrey just yesterday.  Want to take a look at the necklace we made as a result?  Of course you do.

Paper Roll Necklace


[At Home With Ali]

One Toddler Plus One Newborn Equals CHAOS

The Miller household is a bit on edge these days.  The Mrs. is only a couple of weeks away from her due date and preparations for baby are ramping up.  Frankly, the concept of a second child–let alone a boy–is still pretty foreign to me.  I don’t think it will really hit me until I see the little bugger.  But yet, we must be prepared for his arrival because we’re at the point where it could happen any minute.  But preparations aren’t just about getting clothes, diapers, baby swings and more ready.  They also include our precocious daughter who has thus far given us every indication that she is going to be a strong willed independent woman for the rest of her life.  How is she going to handle the baby’s arrival?  Is she going to get jealous?  And, if so, what will she do to punish us?  Shudder.

Preparing For a New Sibling:  Tips to Help Your Toddler Adjust to a New Baby” was written to specifically address this issue.  It’s broken out into three useful categories:  Before, During, and After Birth.  And that’s smart, because there is no one fix for this potential problem.  It’s something that must be tackled repeatedly, and via different methods, over an extended period of time.  My wife and I have been reading a few books to her over the past few months that deal specifically with mom’s pregnancy and the arrival of a second child.  I’m happy to say she enjoys them.  She also enjoys touching Momma’s belly and talking about “Baby Brother”, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the concept is still an abstract one for her.  Like me, it won’t hit her until the little guy shows up.

So we’ll have to be vigilant.  We’ll have to always make sure that Audrey isn’t ever in a position to think she’s being neglected or left out.  Because if we don’t…

She’ll make us pay.  Oh, she’ll make us pay indeed.



One thought on “Out of the House Round-Up: Getting This Kid to Clean Up, More Toddler Projects & Preparing for Baby

  1. Love all three of these links! Especially the last one.. I’ve been so wrapped up in thinking about the new baby I haven’t thought at all about making something special out of just the three of us!

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