Lessons in Fatherhood as Taught by Eighties Movies


It was only after I said to my daughter, “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything,” that I realized I just quoted Back to the Future.  I must admit I was a little self conscious about it at first, but a 2-year-old doesn’t know a McFly from a Tannen.  And the sentiment certainly isn’t bad advice to impart on anyone.  In other words, an eighties movie just taught my daughter a life lesson.  Interesting.

This got me thinking:  What other wisdom could I glean from the films of my childhood?  How could the movies of the ‘80s shape me into a better father?  And these are pretty stupid questions, aren’t they?

Yep.  But let’s see what I uncovered anyway.

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Is the Second Child Really Easier Than the First?


When my wife was pregnant with our second child Zachary, various people offered the following refrain:  “Don’t worry.  The second child is much easier.”

Those people are liars.

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My God These Kids Are Loud

Audrey Zachary Chair

This is what it is like trying to carry an actual conversation with an adult human being in my house right now:

MOMMA:  We should do something this weekend.

ME:  Oh yeah?

MOMMA:  Yeah!  The weather’s supp—

AUDREY:  Momma!  Shhh!

MOMMA:  That’s not very nice, Audrey.

AUDREY:  Shhh!

ME:  Daddy and Momma are just trying to have a con—


ME:  …  What were you trying to say again?

AUDREY:  Daddy!  You shush now!

MOMMA:  The weather.  They say—


ME:  What was that?


MOMMA:  I said—


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Pumpkin Snacks


The following exchange takes place EVERY SINGLE MORNING:

“Daddy, I want pumpkin snack.”  “How about a ‘Good Morning’ instead?”  “I want pumpkin snack.”  “Let’s start with breakfast, okay?”  “NOOO…I want PUMPKIN SNACK!”  And off she runs.  Whee.

So what are pumpkin snacks?  Pumpkin snacks are candy.

And they have infested my daughter’s brain.

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