About WFM


Waiting for Momma is a blog for dads.

Dads that don’t know what they’re doing.  And dads that do.

Dads that lose their cool when their kids poop in the tub.  And dads that don’t.

Dads that do or do not freak out when those little psychopaths smear peanut butter on the cat, drink from the toilet, or produce a million other little unforgettably precious, horrible, headache-inducting memories.

When momma comes home things will get better.  Until then, all us dads have is each other.


7 thoughts on “About WFM

  1. Love your blog! Even though I am a Mom, I can relate My husband and I were married for 17 years before we were brave enough to reproduce and then decided to have another a couple years later. I call it survival parenting. Really…..I AM THE MOM????

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