Meet Kent

Kent E. Miller

So who the heck is that handsome devil right there?  Let’s start at the beginning.

I bounced around a lot in my early years—Tennessee, Washington (Mt. St. Helen’s baby!), Pennsylvania—but eventually settled down in the squirrel-infested state of New Hampshire, which saw the majority of my formative years.  I spent those years forging a lifelong friendship with drawing, pirates, and chunky peanut butter.  After that I escaped to Michigan for college, before discovering that I preferred saying “soda” instead of “pop”.  So I moved back to New Hampshire after I got my thus far useless degree.  And now I’m just a bit to the south, in good ol’ Waltham, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

I’ve never had any brothers.  I’ve never had any sisters.  Both sides of my family are extremely small.  Family events were always an intimate affair.  I never had the pleasure of spending the holidays with swarms of pint sized cousins and siblings.  In fact, until Audrey came into my life two years ago I had practically no experience with children at all.

A blank slate.  Not good.  Not bad.  Just there.

Now I’m at home every day, watching my daughter and son while my wonderful, understanding, super smart wife brings home the proverbial bacon.  It’s weird.  It’s wild.  It’s wacky.

It’s also a new beginning.  Will you join me for the ride?